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  • Look for a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with at least ten years of experience.
  • Determine how the financial planner earns income: fees or commissions?
  • Ask to see a sample of a financial plan.
  • Does the financial planner sell products?
  • Ask for a profile of the financial planner's clientele.
  • Is this financial planners someone you will enjoy working with over the years?



Total financial planning coordinates all aspects of your finances: taxes, insurance, budgeting, goal setting, estate planning, retirement planning, funding for children's education, and investments.


Whether you work with a financial planner one time or throughout the years, you deserve to have the most qualified and reliable person available.


Why Choose a Fee-Based Financial Planner?


As fee-based financial planners, we charge an hourly fee for our time and expertise. Because we are not motivated by sales commissions, we have the freedom to make specific investment recommendations that are carefully tailored to suit your goals and circumstances. At Fagan Financial Planners, the interests of the client and the planner are the same-- to help our clients choose a strong path towards achieving financial independence.